Two Nights @ the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival

Notes from the Road, Coming Soon...

Here's a sneak preview from my upcoming EP, Notes from the Road. Tracks were conceived during and recorded between long scenic drives while touring and exploring. Listen carefully and you might hear notes inspired by Cascade mountain creeks, stormy beaches of Marin, everlit boulevards of Los Angeles, the flat, moonlit stretches of Texas grassland, and the clear reflections from a winding road on a Colorado fourteener.

New recordings coming soon...

Yes, I'm planning to release some recordings very soon. They're gonna be quite a bit different from my previous EP. Different how you might ask? Well, here's a little hint-

Pink Pedal

Stay tuned.

Never movie coming to Seattle

Get out and support this film! And just for a little fun...If you can tell me who's wearing a Rob Marcus T-shirt in one of the scenes in this movie I'll send you one of your very own for free!


Working my way down the West Coast again!

Live in Santa Barbara

Rob Marcus Performing at the 25th Annual San Jose Jazz Festival

Join us in San Jose this weekend for the 25th annual Jazz Festival. I'll be performing at the Caffe Frascati Patio Stage from 5-8pm. 

Never winning again!

Why am I excited about Never winning again? Because that's the movie featuring some of my music as well as several other awesome Seattle artists and it's been oficially selected for multiple film festivals. Most recently, it has won two awards in New York's VisionFest. You can find screenings and learn more about the movie here (

A taste of my SxSW set now on Soundcloud!

For SxSW 2014 I really wanted to debut a new song and with time running out, just two days before the show, I completed an idea that had been brewing for a couple months.

The recording is a little crunchy but you'll get the idea. What excites me about this song is how it's just full of energy. I know the crowd was picking up on that because there was lots of cheering during the performance which just ramped the intensity up even more. I had such a blast down there and want to thank all the Austin folks that made it out to support us.

I also want to thank Critical Sun for having us down to SxSW for the 3rd year in a row. Critical Sun is a growing collective of talented artists in the Seattle area who support each other in doing what we love to do, create great music and bring it to the people.

Rob's Going to SXSW!

SxSW 2014

Los Angeles House of Blues!

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