Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

I will be donating 10% of the proceeds for any CDs sold through to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the Japan quake-tsunami disaster between now and April 15th. 


For all of you iTunes users, we have arrived...

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The EP has arrived!

I am so excited to announce that several boxes arrived at my door today containing 1000 copies of the Rob Marcus EP.  The imagery turned out beautiful and truly ecapsulates the inspiration I found while on my travels throughout S.E. Asia. 

The EP is available on the music section of this page.  When you order a physical CD from my site, it includes a free digital download in the format of your choosing.

I hope you enjoy the music and please, spread the word.

Rob Marcus EP Printing in Progress

All the EP music and artwork has been submitted and we'll be receiving hard copies in two weeks.  In addition to that the EP will be available electronically on iTunes and Amazon among other sites!  Stay tuned...

We're playing Neumos!

EP Release Spring 2011

Stay tuned for the EP Release of Rob Marcus this spring!

The band goes live!

Isaac, Rick, and I played our first live set and boy was it fun!  Folks at the Oxford Saloon were dancing around and we we're excited to have trumpeter Ron Hendee sit in on "Blue" for a really sweet sound.  We'll have to invite him in for some recording sessions when it comes time to lay that song down.  Onward to more shows and soon the EP release party.

Building the Band

I'm excited to announce two new talents to the line-up!  Today I met with Rick Bowen on drums and Isaac Seidman on bass together for the first time in a rehearsal.  The session was filled with new ideas, laughter, funky jams, and resulted in the final selection for our upcoming live set at Nectar Lounge.  Securing these two talents has me overjoyed.  Let the collaboration commence.  

Strings Upon Strings

While some have been bugging me, relentlessly, to get the EP out no matter what state it's in at the moment, I have to tell you, I simply can't resist the opportunity to include cello on a couple of the tunes.  I've asked cellist Gazelle Samizay to come into the studio to perform on "Exit Left" and "Mind's Eye Open".

We've just finished up the tracking for "Exit Left" and I'm absolutely thrilled with the result.  Sending that one over to Bubba Jones at Contact Create Studios for mix down tomorrow.  We're very close here....I can feel it.  Fans and family, I'm sure you'll appreciate what your patience allows.

Tracking bass for the EP

So much of my music is written with an acoustic guitar.  While I wanted to collaborate with some of the amazing musicians in Seattle, I also wanted to keep the acoustic, unplugged feel for this upcoming release.  That's when I thought of Jim Watkins, who I've been following in his various projects including Furniture Girls &The Shawna Locey Band.  

I loved what Jim did on the Furniture Girls EP with his acoustic bass and asked him to come in for some sessions.  Not only did he bring the acoustic, but he surprised me with his new acoustic/electric stand up seen in the background.  Super sweet sound.  Okay, back to editing...


New Video Clip of "Elephant Island"!

A new video clip of "Elephant Island," performed at The Mix in Seattle has just been added to the website. Check it out! 

Rob Marcus, Furniture Girls, Suicide Kings, Veritas

Rob Marcus playing with the Furniture Girls, Suicide Kings, Veritas April 3rd!

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